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Dr. Phil’s house with gun-filled dining room for sale for $5.75M

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The Beverly Crest home has some very “eclectic” interiors

A room with tall ceilings and a chandelier. A staircase winds around the back wall. Below it is a bar with tree-like stools.
The home’s impressive entryway has a winding staircase and a full bar. To the right is the gun-themed dining room.
Photos via Billy Dolan/Hilton & Hyland

Dr. Phil dishes out advice for a living, but it’s not clear he’s taken any when it comes to interior design.

One of his real estate holdings—a Mediterranean-style home with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a pool in Beverly Crest—has just come up for sale, and the listing gives the public a glimpse at his family’s brash design aesthetic.

Highlights include a spiral staircase adorned with tangled roots, a full bar with chairs that look like tree stumps, and a dramatic dining room with black floors and a wall of assault rifles.

A billiard room has steel blue floors and a double-doored wine cooler. A dazzling chandelier in the front hall resembles a web of gnarled vines.

Property records show the Mediterranean-style residence was purchased by Dr. Phil (whose full name is Phil McGraw) and his wife, Robin, in 2007—though the Los Angeles Times reports that his son Jordan is the one who actually lives in the house.

Built in 1960, it sits on a half-acre parcel of land, behind a formidable iron gate covered with more root-like chords. The neatly manicured grounds include a swimming pool, a spa, a pergola-shaded dining area, and an outdoor fireplace.

The house has an asking price of $5.75 million. Billy Dolan of Hilton & Hyland has the listing.

Promotional material notes that the home’s “eclectic finishes” can be kept or discarded.

A room with white ceilings, powder blue walls, and steel blue floors. In the center is a billiard table with lions carved into the legs.
A billiard room is equipped with a fireplace and a large wine fridge.
A front hallway leading into a parlor. A pair of gray doors open from a courtyard with neatly trimmed hedges
Doors open to black tile floors and an eggplant-colored swing.
A large driveway leading up to a garage and Spanish-style home.
The house sits on a half-acre lot in Beverly Crest.