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Neutra’s Taylor House, tucked in the Verdugos, seeks $1.8M

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The glass-walled house is surrounded by trees and rolling hills

A white-colored house with a jeep parked in an attached carport. Lush grassy hills can be seen in the distance.
The house sits on a half-acre lot in the hills of northern Glendale.
Photos by Tim Street-Porter, courtesy Crosby Doe Associates

Here’s a rare offering for admirers of modernist architecture: Richard Neutra’s Taylor House, built in 1961 for Maurice and Marceil Taylor.

Lovers of the outdoors, the Taylors commissioned this home on a half-acre lot in Glendale that the architect described as “a really unapproachable piece of land at the end of a dead-end street.”

The result is a glass-walled residence that offers extraordinary views across the surrounding hills. Tall trees and vegetation surround the home, which is perched just above the Verdugo Mountains Open Space Preserve.

Inside are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, spread across 1,477 square feet of floor space. The open living room is framed around a large fireplace, flanked by columns of brick and fronted by a wide hearth cantilevered over the floor.

The kitchen appears to be fairly original, with mahogany cabinetry and a vintage oven. A luxuriant tiled shower faces the outdoors and offers further views of the home’s dazzling natural surroundings.

Last sold in 1997 (for $321,500), the house is located at 3816 Lockerbie Court. Asking price is $1.75 million.

A room with white carpet and a large brick fireplace. Light is coming in from the large glass windows on the left.
The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows and a fireplace surrounded by a large floating hearth.
A circular table and two colorful chairs adjacent to two large window panes.
Even a breakfast nook has lovely views.
A room with dark wood cabinets and white countertops. An electric stove can be seen on the left
The kitchen appears to be original, including the vintage oven.
A white-colored house with large windows and an open front door.
The house has a simple, boxy shape with a roofline that hangs over the large front-facing windows.