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236-unit apartment complex planned near Ballona Creek

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It will link up to the bike path

A rendering of a building with six stories, many of which have visible balconies and terraces.
A view of the 263-unit project.
Courtesy of The Albert Group Architects

Plans to build a 236-unit apartment complex on a peninsular Playa Vista property next to the Ballona and Centinela creeks are chugging along.

An initial environmental study published today by the department of city planning lays out how the project, called Del Rey Pointe, would take shape, especially how the new project would link up to a street on the other side of a flood channel.

The six-story development at 5000 Beethoven Street would hold 40 studio, 111 one-bedroom, 81 two-bedroom, and four three-bedroom apartments in a collection of buildings designed by The Albert Group Architects.

Of those apartments, 12 units, or 5 percent, would be available to extremely low income households and 26 units, or 11 percent, will be available to very low income households.

The project would also hold parking for 406 cars and 276 bikes, walking paths, a “linear park” and “two natural habitat preserves.”

A rendering of a facade of the six-story building, which features apartments with balconies and landscaping along the balconies.
Some of the units would have balconies.
The Albert Group Architects

The diamond-shaped property is vacant now, save “a few shipping containers,” the study says. The land directly east of the site is vacant.

Although the Marina Freeway runs along the northern border of the project site, access to the development would come via a private street that connects to Beethoven Street (now a cul-de-sac) and a private bridge over Centinela creek with two car lanes, a bike lane, and sidewalks, the study says.

The project site is across the Ballona Creek from the creek’s namesake bike path, and Del Rey Pointe will link up to it via a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. The developer, 5000 Beethoven LLC, is already working with the Army Corps of Engineers and the county’s Flood Control Department to secure approvals from the agencies, which oversee elements of the waterways.

A rendering of a car going over a bridge heading toward a six-story building.
The building as seen from the bridge on Beethoven Street.
The Albert Group Architects
An aerial view of the project site, a peninsula-shaped protrusion along the Ballona Creek.
The project site would have a connection to Beethoven Street via a new private street and bridge for car traffic.
Via Department of City Planning

The study does not offer a specific start date, but does say that the developer plans to build the bridge across Centinela Creek first, over a 30-month period, and then work on building the apartment project, which is expected to take roughly two years.