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1920s bungalow by Irving Gill asking $995K in the Hollywood Dell

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A charming example of early modernism

The architect’s signature design elements include curving walls, strategically placed skylights, and concrete floors.
Photos by William MacCollum, courtesy of Ben Belack/The Agency

Now setting hearts aflutter in the Hollywood Dell is this sweet, petite bungalow designed in 1923 by pioneering modernist Irving Gill.

Located at 6460 Odin Street, the residence rates a mention in Marvin Rand’s 2006 monograph on the architect; unfortunately, the citation has little to say about the property beyond identifying it as the Elizabeth Reed House.

Measuring approximately 1,400 square feet, the bungalow has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen, living room, and office. While it’s seen some alterations over the years, it still retains Gill’s clean-lined aesthetic and numerous original features, such as polished concrete floors, a working fireplace with art tile, high ceilings, archways, and built-ins.

The home also upholds the modernist principle of maintaining a connection to nature with multiple skylights, casement windows, and four sets of French doors that open out to an enclosed courtyard/garden.

On a 3,656-square-foot lot, the property is listed with Ben Belack of the The Agency at an asking price of $995,000.

Between the sidewalk and the home’s front door is a pergola-shaded arcade.
Original handmade tiles surrounding the fireplace depict the four elements of nature.
The open plan kitchen has been updated with gourmet appliances.
One of the home’s two bedrooms. Its features include casement windows, concrete floors, and a built-in dresser.
The concrete floor in one of the bungalow’s two bathrooms has been stained a striking shade of blue.
Multiple sets of French doors open to a spacious private courtyard.