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Silver Lake one-bedroom with serene patio seeks $679K

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Original hardwood floors and a groovy fireplace

A photo of a sun-dappled courtyard and a tall fence.
The from garden has trees and pavers.
Photos by Christine Bullard, courtesy of Alyssa Valentine and Courtney Smith/Compass

There’s an old adage that advises first-time homebuyers (usually those shopping on the lower end of the price spectrum) to scoop up “the smallest house in the best neighborhood.” For some lucky buyer, this one-bedroom, 604-square-foot bungalow in the LA River-adjacent hills of Silver Lake could be that house.

Built in 1931, the dwelling is private, separated from neighbors and the quiet, sidewalk-less street by a tall fence, hedges, and a patio. Interiors feature original hardwood floors, a free-standing fireplace with a midcentury modern vibe, a charming kitchen with breakfast nook, and one serene bathroom with spring green tile and a clawfoot tub.

The house also has a detached, one-car garage, which could either serve as storage or, with a little work, a studio or home office. The property is a short walk to access to the Coralitas Red Car Trail, which curves around the hill on which the house sits.

2116 Roselin is listed for $679,000 with Alyssa Valentine and Courtney Smith of Compass.

A photo of a bright room with a free-standing red midcentury modern-style fireplace.
The living room is bright and features a statement fireplace.
A photo of a kitchen with white, vintage-looking-cabinets, a black tile counter, and bright spring green floor tiles.
The kitchen has a good amount of space and energizing green floor tiles.
A photo of the bedroom, which is ample, and an attached bathroom, also with the same bright green tile.
The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and wood floors.