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Peek inside Cara and Poppy Delevingne’s tropical LA home

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The sisters’ hideaway features super high-end wallpaper and “just the right amount of wrong”

A photo of the two sisters, outside in their backyard, standing by the pool on a sunny day.
The sisters in their large backyard.
Photos by Trevor Tondro, courtesy of Architectural Digest

Sisters Cara and Poppy Delevingne’s Hollywood Hills home is an explosion of color, vivid velvets, hand-painted tiles, graphic-print linen, and de Gournay wallpaper (also hand-painted).

Architectural Digest took a tour through the home that the British actress/model siblings share when they’re in Los Angeles. The house was transformed by architect Nicolò Bini of LA-based Line Architecture, with stylistic input from the Delevingnes.

“I wanted to create a true L.A. moment for them, with nods to California midcentury modern, Laurel Canyon bohemia, Beverly Hills swank, surfing culture, and a little Mexico,” Bini tells AD. “Then we tied all that in with Cara and Poppy’s Englishness to give the house another layer of Delevingne charm.”

The sisters gave quite a bit of input on everything from color schemes of their individual rooms to pieces of furniture: Bini says the massive, bamboo-clad bunk bed in the guest room—a custom-built structure that accommodates two queen mattresses—was Cara’s idea.

Another one of Cara’s ideas was a luxurious “soundproof party bunker” that opens off her bedroom. The room features “a mirrored ceiling, a stripper pole, disco lighting...[and] just the right amount of wrong.”

Take the full tour over at Architectural Digest.

A photo of a bedroom decorated in deep red tones. The wall art and flooring are a red and white pattern. The bed covers are red and purple.
Cara’s room is richly appointed with a mirrored mattress platform and a printed linen art piece.
A photo of a large bamboo bunk bed in a room with palm frond wallpaper.
The bamboo bunk bed that Cara dreamed up.
A photo of Poppy playing pinball while Cara sits in a hanging bamboo chair.
Poppy (left) and Cara (right) and their Playboy pinball game.