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Take a tour through director, writer Lee Daniels’s Beverly Hills home

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The Empire co-creator’s home echoes his Manhattan pad

A photo of Lee Daniels with his arms over the shoulders of his daughter and partner in the kitchen of his house.
Daniels (center) with his daughter Clara (left) and his partner, stylist Jahil Fisher (right).
Photos by Sam Frost, courtesy of Architectural Digest

Oscar-nominated director, producer, and writer Lee Daniels only recently moved into his Beverly Hills residence, but importing a number of pieces that are exact copies of those in his Manhattan house made his new dwelling quickly feel like home.

The Empire co-creator tells Architectural Digest that he didn’t want to put down roots in LA—“I’m a New Yorker,” he says. But it was more economical to buy a house than continue to stay in hotels. He moved in about a year ago.

“I never thought that I would be able to afford a house like this, and I never thought that I would be living in a home like this, so I wake up feeling very blessed every day,” Daniels says.

The four-bedroom, four and a half bathroom house in Coldwater Canyon features accents of wood and a palette of mostly charcoal, white, and black in an effort to keep the decor as minimal as possible, Daniels says. There is also a wealth of giant windows, which allow for views of the canyon and the trees that surround the house.

Architectural Digest has a full tour of the home.

A photo of the kitchen which features extensive wood paneling on cabinets and the large center island.
The wood-paneled kitchen.
A minimal dining table set with angular wood and black leather chairs.
Daniels’s dining room.
A photo of an ample bedroom with a double-sided fireplace, a large bed, and a wood-paneled wall.
The master bedroom.