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Soho Warehouse set to open in August in Arts District

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Membership to this location: $2,160 a year

A rendering of the warehouse’s rooftop with a rectangular pool surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas. Behind the pool is an enclosed area for lounging, eating, and events.
The Soho Warehouse will be topped by a pool.
Courtesy of Soho Warehouse

After a handful of delays, the members-only Soho Warehouse is set to open in the southern end of the Arts District in August.

Soho House, which operates a global string of fancy private clubs, launched a website for the club today that allows members and their guests to book hotel rooms in the repurposed industrial building and would-be members apply to join the club.

The seven-story building that houses the Soho Warehouse dates to 1916. For roughly three decades prior to the arrival of the private club, the brick structure served as a musicians’ rehearsal space.

The warehouse now features a ground-floor restaurant, a gym, and an underground event space. The warehouse’s rooftop now has a pool, lounging space, and an indoor eatery and bar.

The club also holds 48 “bedrooms” that can be rented out like hotel rooms. The rooms range in size from “cosy” to “large.” Regardless of size, rooms have king-size beds, rain showers, WiFi, and complimentary access to the warehouse’s gym. “Large” rooms come with a kitchenette, a dining table for six people, and freestanding bathtubs. Rooms start at $190 a night.

Rooms range from “cosy” to “large,” and start at $190 a night.
The warehouse is located at Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street.

Standard membership for the warehouse location starts at $2,160 a year.

The arrival of the Soho Warehouse has been anticipated here since 2015. Located at Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street, it’s south of Seventh Street in an area that has begun to attract more attention from investors, developers, and businesses as the northern part of the Arts District becomes increasingly more hip.

A big mixed-use retail, housing, and office project, a new ground-up office building, and, at Seventh Street and Santa Fe, a former Ford factory building has been repurposed as offices for the Warner Music Group.