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Hawk hitchhikes on car, terrifies driver in Westlake

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Spoiler: The hawk did not tip, and it did not leave a review

A brown hawk flies in a blue sky, mouth agape.
A red tailed hawk like the one that landed on a driver’s car.

It’s a fact of life that if you drive around Westlake long enough, a bird of prey will land on the hood of your moving car and make direct eye contact with you for about 15 minutes until it gets where it wants to go.

That is not true, actually, which is probably why when a hawk landed on the hood of a car this week, the driver, identified by Eastsider LA as Echo Park resident Staci Eddy, was both amazed and alarmed.

In a video, taken during the 15 minutes in which Eddy effectively functioned as an “Uber for hawks” and posted later to Youtube, Eddy tries to shoo the bird away, screams, and even calls a friend to try and figure out what course of action to take.

The bird flaps around and stares, mouth agape, before ultimately flying off “perfectly fine,” Eddy says in the video.