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Stylishly revamped modernist bungalow with pool asking $1.35M in Eagle Rock

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Design influences include Southwestern adobes, the Case Study program, and a pair of trees

The saline pool and spa are solar heated.
Photos by Joe Atlas, courtesy of Charlie Clark

You’d never guess from the looks of it now, but this Eagle Rock residence started out life as a traditional California Spanish-style bungalow. Twelve years ago, it was purchased by designer Jeremy Levine, who dramatically transformed the 1925 cottage into the unique dwelling we see today.

Levine drew inspiration for his design from three main sources: adobe-style homes of the Southwest, Case Study architecture, and a pair of trees on the property that he integrated into the plans.

The reincarnated residence features lofty beamed ceilings—the wood repurposed from the original bungalow—thick adobe-style walls with carved-out alcoves and shelves, and clerestory windows. The concept of indoor/outdoor living is embraced to its fullest, thanks to retractable glass doors, screens that slide to produce varying degrees of shade and privacy, and a skylit pocket courtyard centered between the home’s two bedrooms where you’ll find one of the aforementioned trees along with a quasi-outdoor shower.

Below the house’s main living space, officially assessed at 1,315 square feet, there’s a bonus office, a full bathroom with a tangerine-colored sink and tub made from a continuous slab of poured concrete, a lounge with built-in seating, and a laundry room. The property’s detached garage has also been converted into a sunny studio.

Along with the studio, the backyard contains a solar-heated saline swimming pool, a spa, and a tool shed.

Located on a 7,520-square-foot lot at 5149 Hartwick Street, the property is listed with Charlie Clark of Sotheby’s International Realty at an asking price of $1.349 million. Open houses are scheduled from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The original cottage’s wood beams were repurposed for the new structure’s lofty ceilings.
Thick adobe-style walls with carved-out niches frame the interior pocket courtyard with tree and semi-outdoor shower.
Glass doors off the kitchen retract to extend the space to the dining patio.
One of two spacious bedrooms on the home’s main level.
Skylights, sliding walls, and a tree blur the boundary between indoors and out.
Below the home’s main level, there’s a bonus space with office, full bath, and covered patio lounge.
The sink and tub are constructed from a single slab of poured concrete.
Covered lounge area with built-in seating.