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Iconic CBS logo at Television City down for repair

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The network’s production campus sold to a new owner earlier this year

Built in 1952, the campus has been home to many of CBS’s classic shows.

Months after Los Angeles’s historic CBS Television City campus sold to a new owner, workers removed the iconic CBS logo from one of its Beverly Boulevard buildings this week.

But a spokesperson for the complex's new landlord says the sign is only being taken down for repairs and will be replaced "as soon as possible." In the meantime, the logo remains in several other locations.

To many observers, the removal signaled the end of an era at the enormous production center where shows like All in the Family and The Carol Burnett Show were made.

“Never thought this would happen,” wrote Alison Martino in a post on her popular Facebook page, Vintage Los Angeles.

CBS began searching for a buyer for the 1950s complex in 2017, and real estate investment company Hackman Capital—which also owns Culver City’s historic Culver Studios campus—announced in December that it had signed an agreement to purchase the site.

The campus reportedly sold for more than $700 million, and under the terms of the deal, Hackman Capital agreed to keep CBS on as a tenant for the time being. In an email to Curbed, a CBS spokesperson says those plans haven’t changed, and that shows like The Price is Right and The Late Late Show with James Corden are still being produced at the site.

How much Television City’s new owners will continue to emphasize CBS as the campus’s primary tenant is unclear.

An employee at the studio’s facilities and operations department initially told Curbed that all CBS logos would eventually be taken down permanently, but after consulting a supervisor, said that the missing logo had simply been removed for maintenance.

Hackman Capital spokesperson Zach Sokoloff confirms that the signs will return and that CBS will remain at the complex "now and inyo the future."

Among the first studio campuses built solely for TV production, Television City was designed by architecture firm Pereira and Luckman, with influential modernist Gin Wong serving as lead designer.

After word got out that CBS had plans to sell the complex, preservationists rushed to protect its recognizable structures. City officials declared it a local landmark last year.

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