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New views inside Northrop Grumman warehouses being remade as hip offices

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Expected to open in July 2020

50 foot high ceilings are a feature of the new offices.
Courtesy of Gensler

The repurposing and renovation of four former manufacturing and warehouse buildings in El Segundo as fancy, hip office space is now expected to be complete in July 2020.

New renderings from Gensler, which is designing the project, offer an updated glimpse at the interiors and exteriors of the office complex that was previously used as warehouses and manufacturing space by aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman.

In a statement, Gensler says the redesign leans into existing industrial hold-overs, such as sawtooth skylights and 50-foot-high ceilings, and uses other industrial-style elements like catwalks, bridges, and exterior stairs “as a unique way to carve connections” between buildings on the 30-acre site, the architecture firm says.

To meet the wish lists of more and more creative office tenants, the design also calls for outdoor “pockets” of seating and landscaping, where future tenants can sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Called 888 Douglas, the project will hold more than 550,000 square feet of creative office space when all the work is finished, plus “vacant land for potential expansion,” says Gensler. The site is a stone’s throw from the LA Lakers’ practice facility and the headquarters of the Los Angeles Times.

888 Douglas is being developed by Hackman Capital, the firm that now owns CBS Television City as well as the Culver Studios.

Sawtooth skylights let tons of natural light into the future workspace.
Outside the offices, green space and seating areas abound.
Outdoor “pockets” where people can work or gather outside are in keeping with popular creative office trends.