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An unusual low pressure system—not May Gray—brings drizzle to LA

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It has been abnormally cool this month, according to the Weather Service

May Gray in Santa Monica
May Gray is the nickname for the marine layer and cool weather that arrive this time of year.
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

May Gray is the short and sweet nickname for the marine layer-laden, cool days that arrive in Los Angeles this time of year. But May Gray isn’t usually associated with rain. What’s up with today’s drizzle?

While May Gray was responsible for gloomy days last week, this week’s dreariness and spitty rain is thanks to a low pressure system that has made its way here from Nevada, says National Weather Service meteorologist Kristen Stewart.

“The clouds were already here and another system came into it,” Stewart says. Unlike May Gray, low pressure systems are not common in LA at this time of year.

Temperatures so far this month have been lower than normal, Stewart says. The average for Downtown LA around this time of year is 74 degrees. Last week, temperatures usually hovered around the high 60s.

The weather is expected to warm up a couple degrees Saturday through Tuesday, but temperatures are expected to dip again after that.

“We’re not going to see a long stretch of normal temperatures” in the next seven days, Stewart says.

There are a few weeks of May left, but after that comes June Gloom.