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Women-focused coworking space The Wing is open in West Hollywood

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Pastel interiors, perks galore, and an outdoor terrace

Photos by Madeline Tolle, courtesy of The Wing

The members-only club landscape in Los Angeles has become more crowded, but only one proclaims itself to be a “women’s-focused coworking and networking space”—The Wing—and it just opened its first LA-area outpost on Wednesday.

The West Hollywood location, situated on Santa Monica Boulevard, is about 11,000 square feet and functions as gathering space, workspace, and clubhouse.

Designed as “an ode to the historic glamour of Southern California,” the space features terrazzo, hand-blown Italian glass pendant lamps, a work area inspired by San Luis Obispo’s vibrant and kitschy Madonna Inn, an outdoor terrace, and pastels as far as the eye can see. The interiors were designed with Chiara de Rege and implemented by The Wing’s interior design team.

Members of The Wing, which began in New York, will also have access to a library curated by Skylight Books and New York’s The Strand Book Store, a cafe stocked with local products from women-owned or -run businesses, and a calendar of talks and workshops hosted at The Wing.

Membership runs $215 a month or $2,350 a year—a rate that The Wing is careful to note is less expensive than membership at the nearby WeWork or NeueHouse locations.

The cafe area.
Pastels and plush seating abound.
The outdoor terrace will probably be a hot spot this summer.