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Soaring Montecito Heights midcentury asks $830K

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Elevated among trees, the 1960s home has wood floors and walls of glass

The hillside house is supported by stilts in the back.
Photos by Michael Wilkerson, courtesy Darren Hubert, Joseph Cloninger/Compass Realty

Propped up on stilts, this lofty two-story residence in Montecito Heights maximizes the views from the verdant hillside lot upon which it’s perched.

Built in 1964, the home was designed by Canadian-born architect John Pugsley, who drew up plans for numerous homes in Pasadena and Northeast LA during the midcentury era.

This particular house blends distinctively modern style with a woodsy, rustic charm. Outside, the 1,410-square-foot home is adorned with wood shingles, overhanging eaves, and pergolas. Inside are wood floors, walls of glass, and multiple indoor-outdoor access points.

The house has three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, with balconies overlooking the forest-like surroundings. The open living and dining area flow into the kitchen, which includes a built-in breakfast bar.

Sitting on a 6,156-square-foot lot, the home is fronted by a two-car garage. In the back are neatly landscaped pathways and benches, alongside bamboo chutes and a small, stone-lined pond.

Asking price is $830,000.

Wood floors and sliding glass doors can be found throughout the house.
Opposite the kitchen is a built-in bar nook,
Multiple rooms open up to balconies alongside the house.
The upper level balcony looks out across the neighborhood.