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Midcentury Franklin Hills Traditional with original elements seeks $1.5M

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Don’t miss that indoor-outdoor shower

The house was built in 1955.
Photo by Shawn Bishop, courtesy of Scott King/Deasy Penner & Partners

Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Franklin Hills, this 1955-built Traditional home has undergone an “extensive” remodel by Graham Ferrier Architects. But it still maintains a number of original features, including hardwood floors and steel casement windows throughout, a wet bar, and a dumb waiter.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence holds custom cabinets and Heath tile accents in the kitchen and bathrooms. The ample bedrooms offer views of the outdoor areas, with landscaping by Matthew Brown Landscape Design. A unique shower in the master bathroom serves as a direct connection to the outdoors, opening onto the backyard.

Via a few flights of public stairs, the 1,472-square-foot house is about a block away from the Shakespeare Bridge. It last sold in 2010 for $790,000. It’s now listed for $1.45 million.

In the living room, there is a functional fireplace.
Custom cabinets improve the kitchen.
The house retains its original steel casement windows.
The spacious master bathroom features cool, white tile and an indoor-outdoor shower.
Wood, louver-style slats mark the door that separates the shower from the backyard.