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Glassy midcentury by Richard Neutra seeks $4.1M in Rancho Palos Verdes

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Nothing but views

Neutra Rados house
The house was built in 1957 for shipbuilder John Rados.
Photos by Cameron Carothers, courtesy Deasy Penner Podley

Famous modern architect Richard Neutra was extremely adept at maximizing the views from the stylish midcentury residences he designed throughout Southern California.

This Rancho Palos Verdes home, which, per the listing, is one of the largest houses built by Neutra, is no exception. Perched on a hillside overlooking Catalina Island and the Port of Los Angeles, it’s a terrarium-like structure with open living spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.

Constructed in 1957, the house was built for shipbuilder John Rados and has a simple post and beam design that includes multiple indoor-outdoor access points and an enormous upper level deck that wraps around the living room.

The home, currently decorated with an unusual green motif, has three bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across 5,185 square feet of living space. Interior features include mahogany ceiling beams, wood-paneled walls, and built-in furniture.

The living room is arranged around a circular fireplace with a Space Age chimney that hovers overhead. The master suite includes a pair of built-in vanities and a dramatic sunken bathtub.

Sitting on a little over an acre of land, the house opens out to a large swimming pool complete with a vintage waterslide and diving board.

Asking price is $4.1 million.

Master bedroom
Living room
Master bathroom
Living room view
Exterior of house