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Hillside hideaway in Laurel Canyon seeks $799K

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The little home has great views and a scenic backyard

Living room
The house was built in the 1930s, but has been recently updated.
Photos courtesy Michael Telega/Keller Williams

Looking to recapture the glory days of Laurel Canyon? You could do worse than this cozy residence, perched atop a garage with views across the famously bohemian neighborhood.

The little house was built in 1938 but has been thoroughly updated. It contains bleached wood floors and a freshly remodeled kitchen. The windows and light fixtures appear to have been recently installed as well, though one of the two bathrooms retains some classic early 20th century tile.

The 900-square-foot residence has two bedrooms, the smaller of which is staged as an office. Sliding doors in the master bedroom lead to an outside staircase that connects to an open patio space behind the home. The enclosed space provides more excellent views and has space for outdoor seating.

Sitting on a narrow 2,500-square-foot lot, the house is asking $799,000.

Front of house