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Silver Lake midcentury with walls of glass, lush landscaping seeks $1.2M

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“A livable treehouse with a cabin feel”

Photos by Virtually Here Studios, courtesy of  Joanna Suhl and Bobby Rodriguez/Compass

Just above Glendale Boulevard, this Silver Lake midcentury modern offers privacy, lush landscaping, and timelessly stylish elements.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom house was commissioned in 1950 by landscape architect Bill Davies, who worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District. For the design, Davies hired John Kewell, a Canadian-born architect who worked for decades in Los Angeles on a range of structures, from private residences to schools for the LAUSD.

The post and beam was designed to be “a livable treehouse with a cabin feel,” the listing says. Redwood siding along the exterior of the residence give the house the look of a treehouse, and, inside, the walls of glass combined with “meticulous” landscaping bring privacy and a connection with the outdoors.

The interiors are spacious and minimal, and feature sensitive contemporary updates. A large deck alongside the house provides outdoor space that has room for dining, lounging, and entertaining.

The residence is listed for $1.175 million.