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Compass agent Jennifer Okhovat answers your LA real estate questions

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She signed into Curbed LA to answer questions from readers about buying and selling in Los Angeles

Compass agent Jennifer Okhovat works primarily around West Hollywood and Silicon Beach.
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Are buyers in LA still competing with all cash offers? How many buyers on the Westside work in tech or entertainment? Compass agent Jennifer Okhovat answered these questions and more form Curbed LA readers this morning during a live one-hour Q&A.

Jennifer Okhovat.
Courtesy of Jennifer Okhovat

The chat is now closed, but scroll down to the comments section below, where the chat took place, to read through the questions and responses.

Okhovat works primarily in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Culver City, Miracle Mile, Beverly Grove, and Silicon Beach. But she’s familiar with a wide swath of the region. Okhovat grew up in Beverly Hills and attended Cal State Northridge before becoming a licensed agent in 2009.