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Cypress Park’s historic Huron Substation up for sale

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The 1908 landmark is the second oldest surviving substation in a system that powered the Yellow Car trolleys

The vintage structure is a popular venue for weddings, film shoots, and other events.
Photos by Pierre Galant, courtesy of Benjamin Kahle

Popping up on the market this week is Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument No. 404, the Huron Substation.

Designed circa 1908 by Edward S. Cobb, engineer of Angels Flight funicular railway, the station was built for the purpose of converting electricity needed to power trolleys for the Yellow Car railway system. Sold by the city in the late 1950s, it has cycled through a variety of other uses, including as a manufacturing plant, a welding shop, and its most recent incarnation, as a site for weddings, film shoots, performances, and other events.

Located at the intersection of West Avenue 28 and Huron Street in Cypress Park, the rustic structure features original brickwork, vaulted beamed ceilings ascending 45 feet, arched windows, and concrete floors. There’s also a 1,500-square-foot mezzanine with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a lounge, and an office. The Mills Act-designated building sits on a gated 6,500-square-foot lot with a landscaped garden and exterior guest bathroom.

According to listing agent Benjamin Kahle, the property falls within the Cornfields/Arroyo Seco Specific Plan (CASP), which allows for a variety of development possibilities. Due to the singular nature of the property and attendant difficulty of establishing comparables, no official asking price has been set; however, Kahle tells Curbed, preliminary discussions with a few interested parties point to it landing somewhere in the $3 to $4 million range.

More information on 2640 Huron Street can be found here.

The loft-like building has concrete floors and original brick work.
The wood-beamed ceilings reach a height of 45 feet.
The view from the mezzanine lounge.
The landscaped garden contains a fountain, several seating areas, and a guest bathroom.
The property occupies a gated lot of 6,500 square feet.