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Homey Topanga cottage built in 1923 asks $699K

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Cozy right up to the stone fireplace

A carpeted room with white walls, furnished with a circular table and white chairs
A rustic stone fireplace stands in the home's living room.
Photos by Jack Bremen, courtesy Stefanie Becker/Compass

This sweet little cottage in Topanga is nothing if not cozy. It looks like the perfect place to while away a chilly winter morning, perhaps while plucking away at an acoustic guitar or writing a poem on the typewriter that now sits in the living room.

The 868-square-foot residence was built in 1923 and features planked wood ceilings, some nice built-in shelving, and a romantic stone fireplace flanked by casement windows.

The bedroom contains an en-suite bathroom and connects to a large wooden patio with space for outdoor seating. Perched above the street, most of the home sits atop a bonus room that could be used as an office or studio.

The house is situated on a 1,200-square-foot lot at 922 Old Topanga Road, shaded by surrounding trees and fronted by a classic white picket fence.

Asking price is $699,000.

A white house with a tiny front entryway enclosed by a white picket fence
The multi-level house sits above the street on Old Topanga Road.
A kitchen with tile floors, white cabinetry, and simple wooden shelving
The airy kitchen looks into the open living and dining area.
A room with white walls, a pair of windows, and a wood-planked ceiling
The single bedroom has a pitched ceiling. It leads into an en-suite bathroom with a clawfoot tub.
A wooden deck with a small table and chairs
The home's lot is tiny, but includes space for a bedroom-side patio.