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Colorful, lush Second Home officially open in Hollywood

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This is not your average coworking space

Replacing a large parking lot behind the under-construction Hollywood Target, the coworking complex Second Home has certainly made the most of the space. The grand opening is later this month; here’s a look inside the space.

The area that was once a place to park cars has been filled in with 60 yellow-roofed acrylic pods, each a private, contained work area, as well as over 6,000 verdant tropical plants that give the space the look of a futuristic botanical garden.

The site, which was previously owned by the Assistance League of Southern California, includes a Paul Williams-designed building that was renovated as part of the new Second Home.

The property also includes a bookstore (a signature element of Second Home locations), a podcast recording studio, a 200-seat auditorium, and a restaurant. The location has been quietly open for a couple of months.

The first U.S. location of the London-based coworking company, Hollywood Second Home’s spacey good looks come via Madrid-based architecture firm SelgasCano, which also designed a temporary and highly Instagrammable pavilion at the La Brea Tar Pits. (Downtown LA-based Omgivning acted as executive architect for the Second Home project.)

Membership rates for a private pod-studio start at $675 per person per month. A membership with access to shared work areas is $250 a month for one person. Here’s another way to get a peek inside: The space also hosts public events.

A courtyard with trees and a white building in the background.
A building designed by Paul Williams was integrated into the new coworking campus.
Courtesy of Second Home
A large area covered by glowing little pods as seen from above.
An aerial view of Second Home at night.
Courtesy of Second Home