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Cheery Spanish-style townhouse asks $1M near Sunset Strip

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Terra-cotta tile and colorful wallpaper

Photos by Artem Grisham, courtesy of Roger Perry

On a verdant tree-lined street just off the iconic Sunset Strip, this two-bedroom townhouse is part of a Spanish-style courtyard complex whose charms belie its age.

The 20-unit “Harper Court: Seven Fountains” complex was only constructed in 2000, but its character details are reminiscent of the gorgeous revival style buildings that sprouted up across Los Angeles in the 1920s.

Organized around four courtyards with seven fountains, the complex was designed by Moule and Polyzoides, a firm with an eye toward LA’s glamorous architectural history.

For sale now is a unit that comes in at 1,300 square feet and holds one and a half bathrooms, a dining room with a wood-burning fireplace, a master suite with a walk-in close and a covered patio. Features include beautiful tilework, colorful wallpaper, terra cotta tile and wood floors, wood beams, and arched entryways.

Asking price is $1.065 million, with HOA dues of $624 per month.