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Alamo Drafthouse now slated to open by mid-2019

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The 11-screen theater’s arrival in Downtown Los Angeles is finally approaching

View of Alamo Drafthouse from Flower Street Renderings by Studio One Eleven

The highly anticipated Los Angeles location of Alamo Drafthouse is set to open by mid-2019, the Texas-based movie theater company announced today.

It’s setting up shop at the southeast corner on the second and third levels of The Bloc, the transit-friendly shopping district on Seventh Street in Downtown LA’s Financial District.

The theater will hold 11 screens and a bar that will also serve as a video store with a curated selection of “film classics and obscurities.”

The theater was originally announced for this location in 2014. It was one of the many flashy new tenants that were brought on to help transform the impenetrable retail fortress, which is located just steps from the Seventh Street/Metro Center station, into an open-air shopping center.

The opening date was originally pegged for 2015, but The Block’s reopening was pushed to 2016 due to construction delays and financing troubles.

Then, in 2017, Drafthouse announced it would open sometime this year. Now, construction is finally getting underway on the theater’s space.

“We finally have the keys to our new space and have started construction on the inside,” the company wrote on its website last month. “We haven’t been able to start building out our space until very important fire and safety work was completed... but we’ve been given the go-ahead to let our crews in and begin to work.”