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See the 16-story hotel headed for 12th and Olive in South Park

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It’s the latest in a slew of projects planned for the area by the developers

Via Downtown LA Neighborhood Council

Plans to build a hotel at 12th and Olive streets in Downtown Los Angeles are taking shape. Once planned as part of the adjacent and under-construction Aven development, this South Park site—now a parking lot—is now slated to give way to a 16-story hotel with 243 rooms.

In planning documents, developers Mack Real Estate Group and AECOM explain that building a hotel here, ”within a ten-minute walk” of the Los Angeles Convention Center, would “support the city’s efforts to create a sufficient hotel base” for the convention center.

Mack Real Estate and AECOM had “long sought” to put a hotel on this South Park site, documents say, but they were stymied by “the long-lasting effects of the economic downtown,” which were still being felt when the project was entitled for residential uses in 2015.

The project, designed by Cuningham Group with green space by AHBE Landscape Architects, would also hold roughly 2,700 square feet of restaurant space as well as about 1,900 square feet for retail at street level.

The development is set to be presented to the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council’s planning and land use management committee tonight.