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History series Lost LA returns, taking a look at places Angelenos go to get away

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Ghost towns, desert hotspots, Venice Beach, and Disneyland

For its forthcoming third season, KCET history series Lost LA sets its sights beyond Los Angeles and takes a look at places Angelenos go to relax and get out of the city.

Host Nathan Masters of USC Libraries explores the backstories of Yosemite National Park, California’s deserts, spooky old ghost towns, Southern California’s vibrant beach culture, Disneyland, and Venice.

Through a combination of present-day interviews and photographs and other archival materials, Masters pieces together fading but vital pieces of the stories of these places, creating narratives that are exciting for the history buff and neophyte alike.

The season’s first episode, on Yosemite, charts the story of the people indigenous to the valley that later became the park; explores a 1970 riot in Yosemite; and takes a look at the backstory of the famed Yosemite Firefall, a spectacle that involved pouring burning embers down a mountain from the top of Glacier Point.

“With this season we are exploring the far reaching impact LA’s past has had beyond the city’s borders,” says Juan Devis, KCETLink’s chief creative officer. “The ebb and flow of Angelenos visiting these areas has helped to shape their identities, and created powerful links to the lives of its many residents.”

The new season begins October 9 on KCET. It will also stream live at Episodes will also be available for streaming on YouTube, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Prime.