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Flamboyant Palms Springs midcentury with pool and gorgeous tile seeks $1.4M

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This place is just plain fun

Courtesy of Leonardo Montenegro/The Leonardo Group

This Charles DuBois-designed Palm Springs home makes the rainbow-colored Saguaro hotel look like it’s in greyscale.

The bright estate was built in 1961 in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood. Like many other homes in that area, it was constructed by the Alexander Construction Company, which produced thousands of modernist residences during the 1950s and ’60s.

The nearly 2,000-square-foot house holds two bedrooms and two mosaic-tile-filled bathrooms. Breeze blocks in the “Empress” pattern appear inside and out, creating a link between the interior and the outdoors.

Also creating an indoor-outdoor connection: a row of sliding glass doors that allow for a great view of the patio and pool from within the cool confines of the living room, with its terrazzo floors and floating fireplace hearth—an original feature.

The house sits on a roughly quarter-acre corner lot, fronted by palm trees, a modest lawn, and more of those classic breeze blocks.

Last sold in 2016 for $1.15 million, it’s now seeking $1.395 million.

Courtesy of Leonardo Montenegro/The Leonardo Group