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Santa Monica Pier’s twilight concerts will return in September

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The new line-up features fewer shows and more stages

Courtesy of Twilight on the Pier

Santa Monica Pier’s free concerts are coming back—this fall.

The too-popular-for-its-own-good music series has new dates, a new name, and a few other changes as part of an effort to control the throngs who turn up to hear the tunes.

The city announced last week that this year’s festival, renamed Twilight on the Pier, would begin on September 5 instead of in June, as in past years.

The series will have six events—fewer than the eight shows of the 2017 season and a 10-concert season the year before that. The last show of the series will be October 7.

In another departure from previous years, bands will be spread across three stages along the world-famous pier, instead of one main stage. There’s also an end to viewing the concerts from the beach, as the area “will not be activated as viewing or picnicking grounds like past seasons.”

Multiple acts will play loosely themed nights, including “Latin Wave,” “Afro and R&B,” and “eclectic indie.”

The changes come after a 2017 concert season that saw numerous city officials voicing concern that crowds were reaching unsafe numbers, and that security costs were ballooning.

“With two new stages, a new ‘art walk’ vibe, and a focus on creating a sustainable, safe event that will last another 3 decades, Twilight on the Pier will feel different in a lot of ways from past years, but the spirit stays the same,” says Santa Monica Pier Corporation Executive Director Negin Singh.