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The Brady Bunch house can be yours for $1.9M

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No, there won’t be an open house

Brady Bunch house Photos by Anthony Barcelo, courtesy of Ernie Carswell, Spencer Daley, and Sarah Blanchard

Now on the market for the first time since 1973 is the Studio City residence known the world over as the Brady Bunch house. Built in 1959, the property was discovered by location scouts a decade later and appeared in every episode of the hit TV show except the first.

According to Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz, the San Fernando Valley house was chosen for its solidly middle-class look, stating in a 1994 interview, “We didn’t want it to be too affluent, we didn’t want it to be too blue-collar. We wanted it to look like it would fit a place an architect would live.”

While the split-level ranch could certainly accommodate an architect or two, a family the size of the Bradys along with their live-in maid and dog would likely feel mighty cramped, given that it’s only got two bedrooms.

Given that all interior scenes were shot on a Paramount Studios soundstage, this wasn’t much of an issue for the TV show, although a faux window was added to the house during filming to make it seem larger.

According to the listing copy, the 2,477-square-foot home has undergone some permanent alterations as well, include the conversion of the garage and expansion of the downstairs family room.

Sited on a .29-acre lot that abuts the LA River, the cultural icon is listed with an asking price of $1.885 million. Due to the intense interest expected, no open houses will be scheduled.