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Inside Mandy Moore’s luxuriously remodeled Pasadena midcentury modern home

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If you love terrazzo, get ready to lose your freaking mind

Photos by Trevor Tondro.
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

When This Is Us star Mandy Moore and her soon-to-be husband musician Taylor Goldsmith purchased a diamond-in-the rough midcentury modern early last year, they set to work on liberating the Pasadena house from some unfortunate 1990s additions that robbed it of its original charm.

Moore engaged architect Emily Farnham and interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to totally remake the residence. The remodeled house, featured in a home tour by Architectural Digest, is a glamorous array of en vogue terrazzo—which is everywhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen—and marble.

The house also incorporates restored elements dating to the home’s origins, including the brick walls and fireplace, as well as a dashing copper fireplace hood.

“The interiors don’t feel like they’re lost in time. There are plenty of nods to the ’50s, but there are also lots of pieces that just read as fresh, organic, and modern,” Samuel tells AD.

Though the renovation looked intense from some of the photos that Moore posted to her Instagram, Farnham describes the work as “basic subtraction, as opposed to a complete gut renovation.”

The result, Moore says, is her dream house. “It still amazes me. We saw the potential of this house and brought it back to life.”

Read more at Architectural Digest.

More empty house pics by @stephenschauer ......

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