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The beginner’s guide to Los Angeles

Everything you need to know about making LA your home

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Should you move to LA?

15 pieces of advice on neighborhoods, transportation, and cost of living for anyone considering a move to Los Angeles.

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How to pick a neighborhood

In a city as big as LA, the options are almost endless. Here are 12 things that will help you decide.

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26 must-do things this summer

Explore LA’s impressive architecture, must-see art exhibits, and outdoor attractions.

Is it better to buy or rent in Los Angeles?

Is now a good time to buy? And can renting ever save you money in the long run?

How to ride public transit in LA

If you’re new to using the subway, bus, or train in Los Angeles, these tips are for you.

An introduction to Googie, SoCal's signature architectural style

The bold designs captured the spirt of post-war futurism and enticed passing drivers to slow down and stop in.

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101 things to love about Los Angeles

A love letter to the City of Angels.

11 Los Angeles renters’ rights everyone should know

Expert advice on how to deal with slow repairs and weird move-out notices.

The 7 best places to see the Hollywood Sign

The best trails and vistas for viewing LA’s famous landmark.

Feast your eyes on our favorite Los Angeles home tours

From a midcentury modern in Echo Park to a Tudor Revival in West Hollywood.

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For decades, real estate barons and city leaders worked relentlessly to sell Los Angeles to frigid East Coasters, tubercular Midwesterners, and skeptical Southerners. But LA doesn’t need a booster campaign anymore.

Los Angeles County added nearly 13,000 residents from 2016 to 2017, and the population is projected to balloon over the next two decades with the addition of 1 million residents.

New Yorkers, especially, have finally come to realize what Angelenos knew all along: Los Angeles can be a wonderful place to call home. But it can also be exhausting and overwhelming, especially for newcomers. There’s the competitive housing market. The not-perfect but still-growing transit network. The natural disasters. The complex web of neighborhoods. The never ending sprawl.

To help you untangle it all, we compiled this beginner’s guide to Los Angeles. It’s a collection of explainers, tips, advice, history, personal essays, and must-know context that will give you the lay of the land. It will help you make sense of the strange and beautiful things you’ll discover when you come to Los Angeles. It might even convince you to stick around.

— Jenna Chandler