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English Country Cottage in Pasadena’s historic Washington Square asks $599K

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Built in 1924

Photos courtesy of Compass

Even before the turn of the 20th century, Pasadena had a “reputation as a city of millionaires.” But starting in the 1880s, in the northern part of the city, once-rural land was carved up and subdivided for smaller homes for residents of more modest means.

Many of those homes are still intact, including this English Country Cottage built in 1924. It’s located in Pasadena’s historic Washington Square Landmark District, a subdivision made up of about 250 Craftsman and revival-style homes.

The cottage, which sits on a 3,552-square-foot lot, comes in at 1,056 square feet and holds two bedrooms and one bath. It has been modernized over the years, but still features some charming period details, including built-ins and multi-pane casement windows.

Last sold in 1997 for $142,500, it’s now on the market for $599,000.