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Quirky cabin on 45 acres in Joshua Tree asks $498K

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The unique home has barrel-like ceilings and an aluminum-walled bathroom

Front of house with desert around it
The property includes a covered patio and a fire pit.
Photos courtesy Paul Karr, Lynee LaVoie

This unconventional residence in Joshua Tree would be a good place to escape from civilization. The house is small, measuring just 721 square feet, but it sits on an enormous 45-acre lot with seemingly nothing at all around it.

Designed by architect Fritz Haeg, the home is constructed primarily out of concrete, wood, and glass. It has an open floor plan, with one bedroom and one bathroom to go along with a kitchen, living room, and dining area.

Glass sliding doors and barrel-like ceilings give the interiors an airy feel, while a duct-like cylinder of corrugated aluminum separates the bathroom from the living room and adds an industrial element to the design.

Beyond a whole lot of dust, the home’s exterior features a shaded patio, an enclosed garden, and a fire pit. Located on the north side of the Twentynine Palms highway, the small home is less than 10 miles from the heart of Joshua Tree. If that’s too close to other humans for you, keep heading north.

Asking price is $498,000.

Living room
Dining room
Exterior view of house
  • 2373 Arizona Road [Paul Karr | Joshua Tree Realty, Lynee LaVoie | Cherie Miller & Associates]