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First look at Lotus 77, a condo project headed for Little Tokyo

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Right across from the Weller Court shopping center

Lotus 77 will hold 77 one- and two-bedroom condos.
Courtesy of ETCO Homes

Across from Little Tokyo’s Weller Court, 77 lofts are in the works at Lotus 77, a development from ETCO Homes.

Designed by Bucilla Group Architecture, the condos will be studio, one- and two-bedroom residences measuring between 700 and 1,112 square feet, according to an ETCO representative.

The project is underway now—a cleared lot is visible from First or Astronaut Ellison Onizuka streets—and is scheduled to be complete in mid-2020, ETCO tells Curbed.

Little Tokyo is also working on building a new community center, the Terasaki Budokan, on Los Angeles Street between Second and Third. The building, projected to open in 2020, will hold basketball courts, rooftop gardens, playgrounds, community meeting rooms, and more.

A year after the Budokan is expected to open, the Regional Connector will be up and running in the neighborhood. The project will allow for transfer-free rides between Azusa and Long Beach and East LA and Santa Monica.