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Pair of 20-story towers planned just north of 10 Freeway in South Park

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300 hotel rooms, 250 residential units, and commercial space

Site for two towers near 10 freeway
The site bordered by Venice, Hope, Flower, and the 10 Freeway where the project would rise.
Google Maps

A developer has filed plans for a two-towered project on a South Park site bordered by Venice Boulevard, Hope Street, Flower Street, and the 10 Freeway.

The towers would rise 22 and 23 stories, respectively, Urbanize LA reports. The 22-story tower will hold a 300-room hotel. The 23-story tower would contain 250 residential units. The project would also contain about 13,000 square feet of commercial space and parking for 288 cars

The applicant is listed as Jacob Taban of Venice Hope Group LLC, but it appears very likely this is a Jade Enterprises project. Taban is one of the owners of Jade Enterprises, a busy Downtown developer, and the address associated with the LLC is the main office of Jade Enterprises.

The project is a couple of blocks east of a 52-story tower planned to act as a “gateway” to Downtown that would rise on a Toyota dealership lot. South Park as a whole is continuing to receive attention from developers, and the ceaseless stream of projects planned for the neighborhood attests to that.