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Bunker Hill hotel could become apartments and 77-story tower

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The new tower would hold 599 hotel rooms and 242 condos

The L.A. Downtown Hotel at Third and Figueroa.
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The L.A. Hotel Downtown—formerly a Marriott—could be on the horizon of another major change.

Developers have filed paperwork with the department of city planning to transform the 13-story hotel and boarding school at Third Street and Figueroa into apartments, condos, new hotel rooms, and commercial space.

The project would involve reusing the existing hotel building and building a new, 77-story tower.

The Bunker Hill hotel building would become 224 apartments. The new tower would contain 599 hotel rooms, 242 condos, nearly 37,000 square feet of amenities, and almost 29,000 square feet of commercial space. There’s no announced timeline for the project.

The hotel last traded hands in 2010. The buyers, Shenzhen New World Group, bought the then-Marriott building while it was under foreclosure, paying approximately $60 million.

Shenzhen also owns the Sheraton Universal hotel, which recently underwent a $90 million makeover.

The proposed project is just across the street from the site which Jamison Services plans to turn into a 41-story residential tower.