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Leimert Park’s Art Deco Vision Theater closing for renovations

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It will reopen in 2021

The Vision Theater and the Manchester Youth Arts Center in Leimert Park Village is closing for renovations until 2021.

The work will entail bringing in a new seating arrangement, rejiggering the lower level of the theater to accommodate an orchestra pit, and adding office space.

The Art Deco theater off Leimert Boulevard underwent a partial renovation beginning in 2011. The upgrades announced today are the last in a series of planned work on the venue, which was built by Howard Hughes and opened as a “movie palace” in 1931.

In the years since, it has served as a movie theater, a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, and a performance space. The city purchased it in 2000.

Once it’s fully updated, “the Vision Theatre will continue to support the community, both artistically and economically,” says Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson.