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New minimal apartments near Hollywood and Highland rent from $2,250

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All units feature a little enclosed balcony, sliding glass doors, and expansive windows

Photos by Bruce Damonte
Courtesy of SPA:architects

We’re getting a glimpse inside a newly completed Hollywood apartment building not far from Hollywood and Highland boulevards.

Designed by SPF:architects, the building holds a total of 82 apartments, with studios starting at $2,250. Rent for a one-bedroom begins at $2,845, and for a two-bedroom? $3,895.

Each apartment has large windows, glass sliders, and an “atrium-like” balcony—a glass box that extends into the living space, and a perfect place to cry without your roommates hearing you.

“The goal was to get light as deep into the spaces as possible,” says architect Zoltan Pali.

Communal spaces in the building—a work area and wet bar in the lobby, a courtyard pool, and a pool lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows—echo the sleek and minimal private spaces. Integrated Development acted as the developer and interior designer for the project; Wilshire Skyline is the owner.

The six-story building, called the Line Lofts, sits on Yucca and Las Palmas—a short walk from the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood/Highland subway station.