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Two skyscrapers planned at 11th and Olive, adding to DTLA’s growing skyline

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They’d join a neighborhood rife with cranes and construction

An aerial view of various parking lots and the tops of buildings and skyscrapers.
The two parking lots in the foreground are the properties at 1120 and 1115 South Olive Street where the towers would rise.
Google Maps

South Park’s unstoppable momentum strikes again. City planning filings from Friday show that two new skyscrapers have been proposed for a pair of neighboring blocks at Olive and 11th streets.

The plans call for a 51-story tower with 536 residential units at 1115 South Olive Street and a 60-story tower with 713 housing units at 1120 South Olive Street. Both sites are occupied by parking lots.

Mack Real Estate Group is partnering with AECOM Capital, the investment arm of AECOM, on the project, a spokesperson from AECOM confirmed.

The towers would be about a block from Wren, the first component of the group of developments planned by the developers for the neighborhood.

Wren is a seven-story residential complex on a site bounded by Pico Boulevard and Olive and Hill streets. A 38-story tower at Grand and 12th is already underway.

These new towers would join an ever-rising skyline in the neighborhood south of Downtown, where there are about 30 major projects planned and underway right now.

These high-rises, if built, wouldn’t even be the tallest projects in a one-block radius of their planned sites—less than a block away, Canadian developer Onni is planning a 60-story structure.