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Highland Park getting new live/work units and retail on Figueroa

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Two buildings would replace warehouses on the site at Figueroa and Avenue 61

Two warehouses on the site would be razed and replaced with two new structures, measuring three and five stories, respectively.
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Highland Park’s York Boulevard was the first main drag in the neighborhood to be hit by a wave of outside interest, and new eateries and shops. But more recently, it’s Figueroa that has seen new venues, restaurants, and bars. Now the street maybe even be in line for a new live/work complex.

An unnamed developer has filed paperwork with the city planning department proposing to raze two warehouses on the site and replace them with a 43,000-square-foot “mixed-use campus” of housing and retail.

The new development would take the form of two buildings, measuring three-and five-stories, respectively. Both buildings would contain live/work housing.

The project would rise at at 6040 Figueroa Street, where Avenue 61 and Figueroa meet—a short walk from the Highland Park Gold Line station.

Though the developer of the project is not mentioned in plans, the project representative is listed as Alice Blatt of Fung + Blatt Architects.

There’s not a lot of new development right on Figueroa, but a new cluster of townhouses did recently open further down the street, near Avenue 50. Those residences were priced at about $580,000 and up.

About a block away from that, behind the Food 4 Less market, a small-lot project from Williams Homes is in the works. A listing on Trulia shows that the three-bedroom units are asking $959,000.