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See renovations in full swing at the LA Coliseum in Expo Park

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Demolition on a portion of the stadium has begun

Work on the renovations began in January.
Sterling Davis

The Banc of California soccer stadium is open, but there are still cranes in Exposition Park thanks to ongoing renovations at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

USC broke ground on the Coliseum renovations in late January, and is now working on demolition of the south side of the stadium, a university spokesperson tells Curbed. Aerial photos of the work show that this part of the structure has been wiped clean.

That section of the 1923 venue will be rebuilt to contain what’s being called the Scholarship Tower. “Tower” is relative here—the glassy, new section will only rise a few levels above the rest of the seating. It will hold suites, a new press area, and balconies for fancy ticket-holders.

When complete, the refurbished Coliseum will have more legroom, fewer seats, new concession stands, and better Wi-Fi, according to USC.

Work on the Coliseum is happening six days a week. With the exception of a slight slow-down during this fall’s football season, crews will keep up that pace until the fall 2019, when the renovations are expected to be complete.

You can keep closer tabs on the renovation’s progress by watching the construction camera.

The $270 million transformation is being funded, in part, by the selling of the Coliseum’s naming rights to United Airlines. Starting in August 2019, it will be known as the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum.

A close-up of the demolition on the southern portion of the venue. Photos taken April 8.
A rendering of the completed Coliseum.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037