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Artsy retreat with inspirational views asks $1.4M in Laurel Canyon

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It's equipped with skylights and tile floors

Office with rounded wall of glass
The home boasts incredible views around Los Angeles.
Photos by David Blank, courtesy Deasy/Penner

If only we had millions of dollars to spend on a house! If so, we'd be tempted by this lovely artist's retreat in Laurel Canyon.

Perched in the hills above the Sunset Strip, the house was constructed in 1948 and, per the listing, once served as the residence of muralist Douglas Riseborough. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a sunny studio space illuminated by a circular panel of wall-sized windows.

Other features of the 1,600-square-foot home include a recently renovated kitchen and a living area equipped with tile floors, beamed ceilings, skylights, and a fireplace.

The house sits on a one-third-acre lot, with foresty landscaping and a gravel backyard equipped with a decorative street light and a fountain. The living area opens via French doors to a pergola-shaded patio with a porch swing.

The house last sold in 1997 for the now paltry-seeming sum of $362,500. Today, it’s asking $1.4 million.

Living area with tile floor
Tile bathroom
Backyard with plants and light post
View across city