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Pasadena ranch-style house with rustic kitchen fireplace seeks $1.4M

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The house seamlessly mixes period and updated elements

Photos by Charmaine David, courtesy of Julia Allos/Deasy/Penner

From the street, this house appears to be just another well-maintained ranch-style house in a lovely, hilly corner of Pasadena. But step inside, and you’ll find a bit more than that.

The three-bedroom, built in 1949, retains elements that harken to that period: diamond-paned windows, high tongue-and-groove ceilings, wood floors, and a rustic kitchen with its own fireplace. (There’s another fireplace in the living room.)

The time-traveling details don’t make the house look dated at all, giving it a timeless look instead.

The master suite and bedrooms are on separate ends of the home, with the master suite holding large windows and more high ceilings. There are also two bathrooms, both of which appear updated.

The lot spans nearly 10,000 square foot lot, leaving a fair amount of space for outdoor dining and entertaining. The property is listed for $1.398 million.