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Midcentury mini-resort with geothermal pool asking $2M in Desert Hot Springs

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The Atomic-era lodge has eight rooms

The Agency

Well, it’s that time of year again, when thousands upon thousands of out-of-towners descend like locusts upon the Coachella Valley for its multiple-weekend-spanning music fests. Should any deep-pocketed visitors find themselves seduced by the desert’s allure, this new listing in Desert Hot Springs may be of interest.

Located 28 miles northwest of Indio’s polo grounds, the Sagewater Spa was built in 1954. The boutique lodge has eight guest rooms with kitchenettes and desert or mountain views. Current room rates range from $219 to $349 per night.

At the center of the property are a swimming pool and hot tub, each filled with natural hot mineral waters pumped from the spa’s well at the rate of 35 gallons per minute. Per the listing description, the odorless water in the pool is kept at a balmy 90 degrees, while the hot tub bubbles at 104 degrees.

Located on a 1.4-acre lot, the property is being offered off-market with an asking price of $1.995 million.