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Two-bedroom built in 1926 overlooks Echo Park Lake for $737K

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Lake views!

Photos by Erik Grammer, courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty

In Los Angeles, there’s beachfront property and lakefront property. Fitting in the lesser-known latter category is this little home overlooking Echo Park Lake. It’s perched on Echo Park Avenue, giving the living room lovely views of the lotus-covered lake and surrounding park.

Prime location aside, the home exudes charm. Built in 1926, it retains a decorative tiled fireplace and its original “built-ins, plaster walls, original hardwood floors, original wood windows and moldings.”

Packed into its 944 square feet are two bedrooms and one bathroom, which sit above a basement and two-car garage. The basement holds a “bonus kitchen and bath.”

On the market for the first time in 39 years, it last sold in May 31, 1979 for $60,000. It’s now asking $737,000.