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South Park’s dual-towered Circa development set to open this summer

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Rents expected to start at $3,000 a month

The two-tower Circa development in the foreground; in the background, the Oceanwide development and its cranes.
Sterling Davis

South Park’s two-towered Circa development is on track to open at the end of this summer, according to co-owner Hankey Investment Company.

The $500 million towers at 1200 Figueroa are still under construction, but most of the work underway now is on the interiors of the units and penthouses.

One very noticeable indication that the project is moving along are the roughly 18,000 square feet of LED display screens on the facade of the building directly facing the 12th and Figueroa intersection.

Turned on on March 4, the screens have been operational every day since (they turn off from 3 to 7 a.m.). Circa is located across the street from LA Live—close to other giant LED display screens.

“The moment these massive dark screens were illuminated, the entire area transformed into our vision for Circa and its place in South Park,” said Scott Dobbins, president of Hankey Investment Company. “It’s truly exciting to see this head into the home stretch.”

Circa will hold 648 market-rate apartments and 48,000 square feet of retail and restaurants within two, 35-story glass towers.

The smallest apartments in the development will be about 700 square feet, while the largest—the penthouses—will measure about 3,800 square feet. Rents are expected to start at $3,000 and go up to $25,000.

There are about 30 projects underway or in the planning stages in South Park, and Circa is just one of several glitzy projects in the works on this short, LA Live-facing section of Figueroa.

Just north of Circa, construction on the multi-building Oceanwide project is set to wrap up in 2019. South of Circa, a two-towered hotel project set to house three different hospitality brands and over 1,000 hotel rooms is planned.

Sterling Davis