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In Los Feliz, Rudolph Schindler’s last house seeks $1.8M

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Recently restored, it overlooks the Shakespeare Bridge

Photos by Alex Zarour / Virtually Here Studio, courtesy of Boni Bryant, Joe Reichling, and Courtney Pickard / Compass

It’s no surprise that there’s architectural gold in them thar hills of Los Feliz, but even among other gorgeous pads, this residence designed by prolific Los Angeles modernist Rudolph Schindler stands out.

The house was commissioned in 1952 by LA City College professor Philip Schlessinger and his wife Phyllis. Schindler died in 1953, giving this location the unfortunate honor of being the last house the architect designed.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom overlooks Franklin Hills and the classic Shakespeare Bridge. Clerestory windows and plentiful windows appear throughout. The pink tiled bathroom is a fun vintage touch.

The house was restored in recent years by a previous owner, NPR writer Chumi Paul, and restoration-focused craftsman Eric Lamers. One addition to the space that resulted from the restoration: a new backyard pergola, built “based on Schindler’s original concept drawings for the home.”

Last sold in 2014 for $1.285 million, the house is now seeking $1.8 million.

A photo of a modernist house’s dining area.