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Aerial tram proposed for Dodger Stadium

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It could be up and running in 2022

Dodger Stadium tram Renderings courtesy Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies LLC

In less than five years, Angelenos could ride a gondola to see the Boys in Blue.

A private company has submitted plans to the city of Los Angeles for an aerial tram that would link Union Station to the ball park in Chavez Ravine.

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies LLC, a company founded by Drew McCourt—the son of former Dodgers own Frank McCourt—announced its plans today for the $125 million project.

It says it will obtain private financing for construction, but it’s “asking Metro to take the lead role in the procedural requirements for route selection and right of way.” The tram could be up and running in 2022.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti introduced the proposal to Metro’s Board of Directors this morning, saying the Dodgers would fit the bill for the project. He referred to it as a “world class aerial transit system” and a “bold idea to ease congestion.”

“If feasible, this will revolutionize access to Dodger Stadium for the 3.7 million fans who visit Chavez Ravine each year,” said Garcetti, who doubles as the chair of Metro’s board.

Metro CEO Phil Washington told the board that Metro received the proposal Wednesday.

Traffic into Dodger Stadium is notoriously awful. Metro already operates a shuttle from Union Station into the ballpark, but many visitors still use their cars, choking up Sunset Boulevard and the 5 Freeway.

Various forms of aerial transit, from elevated railways to monorails, have been proposed in Los Angeles over the years, but were never built.

It’s becoming a popular idea again. In January, a report commissioned by Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu recommended building gondola or tram to and from the Hollywood Sign.

There’s no word yet on how much it would cost to ride the gondola to Dodger Stadium.