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Be the second-ever owner of this warm 1970s Glendale post and beam

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It's asking a cool $1.6 million

Courtesy of Podley Properties

Take one look at this dreamy Glendale post and beam, and it's easy to see why it's only had one owner in its 40-year existence.

Designed by architect Richard Kemp as his own family residence, this 1978 classic is ideally situated to cantilever over a creek. The home is encircled by oaks and sycamores, and the handsome interiors echo their surroundings with beamed ceilings and a wealth of gleaming wood. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside in.

The house holds four bedrooms, three retro-cool bathrooms, a spacious kitchen (with what look to be original cabinets), and, over the fireplace, a stylish copper mantel.

The dwelling sits on a 1.4-acre property tucked into Glendale's Scholl Canyon, an area north of the 134 Freeway and the famous Eagle Rock formation.

The house is listed for $1.595 million.